Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We're Painting the Roses...Pink?

I have lived in my house for seven months now, and in those seven months my boyfriend Micah and I have painted four rooms.  Considering there are only seven rooms in this house, that is pretty significant.

But for now, I would like to talk about my kitchen and dining room.  Because I love the pretty pinks associated with Charleston, South Carolina's Rainbow Row, I was inspired to paint these two rooms controversial shades of coral.  I say controversial because each time I tell someone I painted my kitchen pink, their response is a polite silence with wide eyes and a nod that says, "You have really bad taste."

It definitely hurt my feelings at first; especially when I invited my brother, John, over for the first time and he exclaimed, "I hope you aren't looking to sell your house in the near future.  This color is terrible!"  After spending two full days painting, this was the last thing I wanted to hear.

When Micah came over later that evening, I told him about my brother's visit, looking (I imagine) very deflated and pitiful.  He rubbed my back and asked, "Do you like your kitchen?" I nodded.  "Then that's all that matters, Holly.  This is your home, not his."

While this was a very logical and simple statement for Micah to make, it was liberating for me to hear.  Since I have purchased my home, I have been very reluctant to invite people over. Not because I am anti-social or ashamed of what I have, but because I want my house to be "perfect" before anyone sees it.  But I have realized that perfection is in the eye of the beholder.  Not everyone is going to like what I have picked for my home and probably no one will notice or anticipate the additional progress that I think needs to be made.  Curating a home takes time and is highly personal.  Who cares if someone doesn't like your aesthetic?  What matters is that you love where you live and how it looks.  For me, this has been a freeing revelation.

As for my brother?  My sweet sister-in-law decided to surprise him with a freshly painted kitchen recently.  She chose a lovely shade of beige with a noticeably pink tone to it.   

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